Subaru Service Tips How To Prevent A Breakdown

September 8th, 2021 by

If you give your car the care it needs, breakdowns can be avoided for the most part. Our Subaru service center offers these three “don’ts” that can help you avoid breaking down on the road.

Don’t Drive So Aggressively

We understand that you have places to be and that traffic can be frustrating. However, this doesn’t mean you should race to the next light or take turns so fast that your tires squeal. The harder you drive your car, the faster components wear out, which can increase your chances of breaking down on the road.

Don’t Ignore Issues

Small issues can quickly turn into big problems when you’re driving. If you ever notice things like weird sounds or smells, you should have them promptly checked out. The same is true if your Subaru car isn’t handling as well or if there has been an evident loss in power.

Don’t Neglect Routine Service

Even if you are diligent about driving carefully and taking problems seriously, if you forget about regular maintenance, you are almost certainly headed for a breakdown. In order to maintain your car’s health, periodic service is critical. These tasks include oil and filter changes, brake and battery checks, and tire rotations.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of regular service is that it allows you to be proactive. If a part or system needs work, you can take care of the issue before it becomes a problem.

Our service experts at Serra Subaru Champaign want to make sure your car is always in great condition. If it needs some service, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

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