Serra Subaru Champaign Tire Rotation Service

Tire Rotation Service

Serra Subaru Champaign Explains the Importance of Having Your Tires Rotated

One of the most beneficial preventative maintenance services for your tires is also one of the simplest. It is known as tire rotation but does not involve the rotation of your tires on the road. Instead, it consists of removing the wheel and tire assembly from one location on your Subaru and moving it to one of the other available locations. This preventative maintenance service is performed to save the overly worn areas on your tires from further contacting the surface of the road. Instead, unworn treads will be positioned so that they now contact the road when you are driving around Champaign County. This can help extend your current tires’ life, so you won’t have to purchase new ones earlier than truly necessary. At Serra Subaru Champaign, Illinois, we provide tire rotation services at an affordable price, completed timely, and to the highest service standards.

What Can Cause Uneven Tire Tread Wear?

While there can be several causes of uneven tread wear, it is important to note that tire rotation does not repair the treads themselves. Instead, it moves the worn treads to an area that will no longer contact the road. Causes of uneven tread wear can include the following:

  • The uneven distribution of your vehicle’s weight across the tires
  • Issues with your Subaru’s wheel alignment
  • Normal wear and tear, which may include the outer edges of your tires wearing down faster than the inner edges

Don’t Put Off Tire Rotation and Risk Having to Purchase New Tires

Don’t delay having your Subaru’s tires rotated, especially if your tires are abnormally worn in certain areas. If they continue to wear down in those same areas, the treads’ thickness will become too minimal for further use. This will require the premature replacement of your tires, which can be an expensive endeavor. If they are not replaced, and the treads continue to wear down, it can cause the tires to burst, which is extremely dangerous.

Tire Rotation Service Can Benefit Your Subaru in Numerous Ways

The two main benefits of tire rotation services have already been covered and include the extension of your tires’ viable lifespan, as well as improved safety. Other benefits can include the following:

  • Improved handling
  • Enhanced ride
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Promotion of even brake wear
  • Increased fuel economy

Schedule Tire Rotation Services Today at Serra Subaru Champaign County, IL

Are you ready to schedule your tire rotation service at Serra Subaru Champaign County, Illinois? We offer the convenience of online appointment scheduling so that you can set up an appointment at our service center in just a few clicks. Then you can take advantage of our extraordinary amenities within our state-of-the-art facility. These include complimentary refreshments and free Wi-Fi within our bright and inviting waiting lounge. Located in Champaign County, we are just a short drive from Savoy, Champaign, Urbana, and St. Joseph, Illinois. When you need your Subaru tires rotated, we are your go-to Subaru service department.

Complimentary Serra Subaru Champaign Amenities

We operate a state-of-the-art service center with a value proposition that provides local Subaru owners with comprehensive routine maintenance and as-needed repairs according to certified standards. We support our value proposition with certified technicians who become Subaru service experts from regular factory training focused on new model technologies, certified service standards, and performing technical services. We complete replacement services with genuine OEM parts meeting Subaru’s strict fit, performance, and durability standards.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Refreshments

Serra Subaru Champaign is located at: 1402 North Dunlap • Savoy, IL 61874

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