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Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic Oil Change Service

Synthetic Oil Change at Serra Subaru Champaign Serving Savoy, Urbana, & St. Joseph, IL

We offer a quality synthetic oil change service that many Subaru car and SUV models need. Our oil change service is completed according to Subaru certified service standards by an expert technician that installsoriginal equipment (OEM) parts. With synthetic oil changes provided at a quality and value that you can trust, our customers never have to take their Subaru to a quick lube outlet for substandard service. Before your next synthetic oil change at Serra Subaru Champaign, check out our current service specials for enhanced savings and value.

All About Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil is a man-made lubricant similar in lubricative function to petroleum yet advanced chemically. It is the most advanced motor oil technology with a smaller molecule compared to petroleum-based conventional oil, offering enhanced lubrication. It also contains additives that help it resist thermal breakdown for the longest compared to the alternatives. Despite the advanced technology, drivers still need to get synthetic motor oil changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

Why Does Motor Oil Require Change Service?

All motor oils will need to be changed because their chemical property changes after being exposed to extreme heat. The peak viscosity that the engine enjoyed after the last oil change will be gone as the motor oil turns sludgy as it breaks down. Broken down oil will not lubricate the moving parts properly and will ultimately put the engine at risk. Motor oil requires change service because it cleans out the poor lubricant and introduces the ideallubricant at peak viscosity.

What Happens When Oil Is Not Changed as Recommended?

As motor oil breaks down, friction within the engine increases alongside the wear and tear of vital engine components. The problems will only worsen as the oil continues to break down. When you do not keep track of oil changes or simply put them off until later, you will invite these dangers into your driving experience beyond the recommended service interval:

  • Increased friction and heat
  • Engine runs less efficiently
  • Engine components warping and wearing out
  • Engine overheating

Why Is It Important to Know About Severe Operating Conditions?

Severe driving conditions cause motor oil to break down rapidly, and this will require that the oil be changed sooner. If you have frequent short trips, drive in stop-and-go traffic, leave the engine idling extensively, commute in dirty environments and extreme temperatures, you will need an oil change much more often. Schedule service online at Serra Subaru Champaign and let our certified technicians service your vehicle.

Complimentary Serra Subaru Champaign Amenities

We operate a state-of-the-art service center with a value proposition that provides local Subaru owners with comprehensive routine maintenance and as-needed repairs according to certified standards. We support our value proposition with certified technicians who become Subaru service experts from regular factory training focused on new model technologies, certified service standards, and performing technical services. We complete replacement services with genuine OEM parts meeting Subaru’s strict fit, performance, and durability standards.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Refreshments

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